Knott’s Scary Farm Build Update 7-27-15

Knott’s Network

We are 9 weeks till the Fog rolls in! I got a chance to get a few build photos for Haunt 2015 😉

IMG_7263wtmk  First look is Voodoo, It looks like the exit path will be extended. 🙂

Next up is Dominion of the Damned, Cant see much of whats going on back there but if you ride Ghostrider im sure you’ll see 😉 I will not get back on Ghostrider till off season again 😉

Took a ride on Skycabin to get a few shots of Forevermore process!


Black Magic is well under way on the inside, not completely sure if Black Magic is coming back but lets hope so 🙂


Thats it for now 🙂 as always will check back weekly can keep you all updated for Scary Farm 🙂


Knott’s Network


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