The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Unveils the New Anubis Paintball Adventure


Exciting new scary adventures at Dark Harbor, Paintball experience, I’ve never been paint-balling so this will be new to me, but its Haunt style 🙂 looking forward to experience it and talk about it real soon!!!!

Tim D.

Fear lives here at The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor as the torrid history of the haunted ship rises from the deep October 1 – November 1, 2015. In addition to Dark Harbor’s horrific new maze, Lullaby, that tells the tale of the ship’s youngest soul, Scary Mary, the annual fright festival is thrilled to unveil the all-new Anubis Paintball Adventure.


Those who dare will venture into the tombs of Anubis, the Greek Egyptian jackal-headed god of mummification and the afterlife. In Anubis’ underworld, guests will test their skills in an LED 3D paintball battle against the most terrifying gaggle of mummies, monsters and myths.

IMG_0476 (1)

The brand new Lullaby maze will take guests on a frightening voyage with Dark Harbor’s youngest soul, Scary Mary, who has haunted the Queen Mary ever since her horrific drowning in the poolroom in 1952. Dark Harbor will also welcome the new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities and the Side Show Bar that will bring guests up close into the grotesque world of freaks.

Dark Harbor-5 (2)IMG_0512

The Ringmaster, The Captain and their band of spirits including Samuel the Savage, Graceful Gale, Half-Hatch Henry and Scary Mary will be joined by over 200 grizzly monsters and ghouls that will be plotting terrifying tricks and treats throughout the season of fear. Dark Harbor’s signature haunts Deadrise, Soulmate, B340, Circus and the Voodoo Village will be wrought with more horrific monsters than ever before.
Dark Harbor brings the true torrid tales of The Queen Mary to life, offering one of the most authentically terrifying experiences available. The annual event begins October 1 and continues to inflict fear on select dates through November 1. Ticket prices start at just $20 online, with Fast Fright, VIP Passes, and lodging packages available. For more information or to purchase tickets online, visit

Knott’s Scary Farm Build Update! 8-26-15

KSF build update!

We are 4 weeks away from opening night of Knott’s Scary Farm, build is moving fast and we now know everything coming this season!

Pinocchio Unstrung:

build has started and moving fast in the back area of Wilderness Dance Hall!

IMG_1232 IMG_1175

The Gunslingers Grave:

Grand Sierra Railroad is now closed, more build continues!

IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1208



Black Magic:

everything looks about done on the outside!

IMG_1223 IMG_1228 IMG_1230

Parnormal INC.

we now know what this maze will be, super excited for it!


Thats it for this week, will be back Monday for more updates! Check out my Scary Farm preview for all the info on whats lurking in The Fog this season 😉

Tim D.


Knott’s Scary Farm Preview 2015!

On Aug. 26th 2015 Knott’s Berry Farm hosted the 3rd annual Scary Farm Passholder Preview! This year it was a little later than the last few years, also it was a lot hotter, most passholders came early to get their wristbands then stayed away from the heat but few of the hardcore Haunt fans queued up all day to be the first ones inside!

IMG_6508 IMG_1167 IMG_1166IMG_6513

Haunt fans even dressed up for the occasion even though it was 92 degrees out!


On to the preview event!

Guest and the press all over the Ghoul Time Theater!

IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1242 IMG_1240

And in good Scary Farm fashion we are greeted by Fog and Monsters!

IMG_1243 IMG_1250 IMG_1256 IMG_1258 IMG_1259 IMG_1260 IMG_1262 IMG_1263 IMG_1264 IMG_1265

Love seeing My Monsters out from the graves again!!!!


Now on to the show, Jeff Tucker from park entreatment hosted the show, he was brought in like Hannible haha! They also places 4 envelopes under random seats with two free tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm!

IMG_1271 IMG_1294 IMG_1290

Lets talk about Scare Zones!

Ghost Town Streets has been expanded no safe place to hide in Ghost Town anymore, more monsters more Fog, more Screams! My fav Scare Zone 😉

Ghost Town Streets is the original and largest, most terrifying scare zone that started it all.   Bands of half-human, half-animal monsters prowl the streets and inhabit the fog, and beware the notoriously startling sliders, who lunge from in every fog-filled corner of the land.  Fiesta De Los Muertos fuses dance music, colorful costumes, and larger than life stilt walkers in a dance party scare zone.  It’s the ultimate late night celebration of Dia de los Muertos.  On the Boardwalk clowns crave your undying attention in the CarnEVIL scare zone.

IMG_1289 IMG_1288 IMG_1287

Returning Mazes!

Black Magic: Houdini’s vengeful spirt continues to wreak havoc on the Faux Theater, where the veil between the living and the dead is severed. Houdini’s ghost comes alive and ushers a host of demonic illusions to play tricks on anyone who intrudes, only to finally meet Houdini in a show-stopping finale. Back for its third year, Black Magic is one of the most popular mazes at Scary Farm.

Forevermore: Follow the destruction of the “Forevermore Killer,” one haunting tale after another, as the slayer makes his way through one of the longest mazes ever created in Knott’s Scary Farm’s history.  With a Skeleton Key, guests can witness the work of the Forevermore Killer firsthand.

The Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises: Deadly howls and a full blood moon mark your impending doom as werewolves overrun the crime stricken old west town. Walk in the bloody footsteps of a betrayed and left for dead gunslinger on his path of retribution against the Skinwalkers.


Pinocchio Unstrung: Years have passed since the blue fairy denied him his final wish, but Pinocchio has returned with an army of murderous marionettes intent on killing his former masters. Meander your way through the carnage-riddled village and an all new sinful Pleasure Island and Skeleton Key Room. Revenge comes with no strings attached.

The Tooth Fairy: This twisted tooth fairy steals more than just baby teeth as he drags his victims out their bedroom window and into a world of deranged dentistry.  Unbelievable special effects include a blackout room through which guests must feel their way out, a disorienting x-ray strobe light room, and new this year, an all-new Skeleton Key room…says aahhh.

Trick-or-Treat: Take a brave step forward and ring the witch’s doorbell…trick or treat, which will it be?  After surviving her grisly welcome, wander into the Green Witch’s never before seen potion room and bewitched attic. But don’t leave too soon; you’re the special guest at the Green Witch’s deadly dinner party where she and her menacing Tricksters await your arrival.

Voodoo – Order of the Serpent: The haunting legend of Papa Legba continues as guests follow him on his foreboding journey to conjure the serpent demon goddess in the outskirts of New Orleans. Trudge cautiously through the cursed swamps of the Deep South, where creatures search the murky bogs for their next bloody sacrifice and demons curse the innocent with Voodoo hexes. Guests who are brave enough to venture through the Skeleton Key room may fall prey to a defiled ritual.


C9afOlQdN4A4UJTrR4_-72wn6iemblHfxrRaMWRwClM,idTaZcTy1domloY91f8J4e-BV-TfRZWvkYVqJvgkJ4U,gbE2XSpMm4A3UVnEiIMfdc-FbjkP5lqCQSKhqol8Wig,rAqzJIDAtLrTtVeWkwAqLLuJm17AWkq34dKXGBt5c1I,6m0eQKM7qbSEhILbrJgzrfnpZWL7yeAYyxswUA-qr10 fMhnAa0-z0jpCyLq5KZKD4-rwkETsHmYzjIikI2tS34,7BbAVGSni1e7oC09bAj-6hMA6GIYBPuWGRJpnmpaSNE,Rx3lG6i6IoDTJlXUDa3JD5VWZ1y9sYB2WICnuZZKVFc,-0Mq3QaX8aU89HYBjZWR15zp_8wQf13309ldgQ5o0RY,cHeJYly6uv3heugcNHxe99peWz8LCsNF6qHuGkwoOhA rk43Ul_zqx4A55h69_4yQdrKqeOo2FYzEPpVqAURIpM uOIvpy4hgkPUZBAZG07xPjmf7K-7D8pf-d82OOWEenU

Infected Returns even better this time! New Guns, and more Zombies! I love Infected.

Back by overwhelming demand, guests can enlist to fight the zombie apocalypse in an all-out war against the undead in the interactive experience, Special Ops: Infected – Patient Zero. In 2014, the ambitious new attraction was the first of its kind in North America and in 2015 continues to be the largest infestation of zombies nationwide. In 2015, the highly sought-after attraction will include more blood thirsty zombies, new missions, brand new high-tech laser guns, and more.

Special Ops: Infected – Patient Zero seamlessly integrates interactive gaming technology with an immersive mountainous landscape, delivering a breakthrough interactive haunted experience that is as terrifying as it is challenging.  Missions lead by brave Squad Leaders will take guests through a variety of wilderness terrains, including the unpredictable barrel bridges across the rushing river, through the dark caverns, and through mysterious backwoods. Groups must work together to fend off zombies and complete various missions before time runs out.  Six acres of the theme park is now home to mutinous, scream-inducing zombies, and the time has come for a harrowing Special Ops survival mission (limited spaces available).


Elvira, the legendary Mistress of the Dark, returns to Knott’s Scary Farm in a spectacular all new show, Elvira’s Asylum, featuring insane dance and comedy performances.

In honor of Elvira’s return to Knott’s Scary Farm, the Nautilus merchandise shop will temporarily become Elvira’s Boo-tique, where fans can purchase stylish apparel and sinfully fun products featuring and inspired by the Legendary Mistress of the Dark.  Each night, a limited number of guests who spend at least $50 at Elvira’s Boo-tique during Knott’s Scary Farm will get a chance to meet Elvira between performances of Elvira’s Asylum and collect her signature on one of the purchased items. Knott’s Scary Farm is the only place Elvira can be seen this Halloween season, and Elvira’s Boo-tique offers fans a once in a lifetime meet and greet opportunity!


The Hanging®: A live stage show in Calico Square irreverently looks back at the year’s pop culture with killer comedy.  Notorious for its special effects, pyrotechnics and high-flying stunts, The Hanging is a no-holds-barred assault on pop culture’s most infamous moments of the past year.  A must see parody!

7UE_Jn3x3b1lcNs62MZOGvRatY_hHs3_EPIbHq_Lr7M IMG_6536

Time for the NEW STUFF! The Paranormal INC. sounds like it will win me over this year however My Bloody Clementine…. Mine ride with live monsters again, so excited!

PARANORMAL, INC. – Case #1 – The Haunting of Hayden Hill (New for 2015): Featuring high flying aerial stunts and scares, in the groundbreaking new maze, guests investigate a haunted hospital where the patients were tortured for decades by deranged doctors and nurses. Demonic spirits of the murdered victims have been detected throughout the mysterious halls, while evil medical staff hunt for new patients to torture.

IMG_1317 IMG_1314 3X7WqS3pNYckMVVC09YUORpBLRWTatJB90Jfwz__4kI,458SmpN5WDrHhI1buziAcKJ99pMd1fb8FJNYsMLAiTE

My Bloody Clementine (New for 2015): There is no tale more vicious and vengeful than that of My Bloody Clementine. Take a grim ride through the Calico Mine where Clementine and her father were brutally murdered centuries ago. Their wretched spirits roam the tunnels in search of those who killed them. This year the ride through maze will feature live monsters out for revenge at the train track’s every turn.

B7xb9rFOhaBnfpzoijxm21NRrKMFXgeMowC2dfIC9Po,aIM4q0XDbmXQ1HDkZbE1oiBMaotNYm-hP16zsof1EkQ qCf1jzEIOVmHBzIBy1W_xNwVuWGaJmS5gSCGAjojo8M IMG_1354 IMG_6547IMG_1356

The Dead of Winter (New for 2015): Escape the icy grasp of the chilling Snow Queen in the all new maze. Backed by with a ravenous beastly army of resurrected Viking warriors, she is hell bent on avenging her beloved family’s murder, and preys upon any unsuspecting visitors who enter the borders of her icy domain. Guests with a Skeleton Key will have the opportunity to unlock a bone chilling surprise.

IMG_1311 u3AwtJRhEIr83DCGPxFHet-JRWFyccJYRflXvUhuUPg,4xXhFp8rZA_AVCOIMMBD3wYAlcV45NyooWwmQw36FdwIMG_1309

(New for 2015) Prowling the darkest corners of Knott’s midways and scare zones, the Green Witch and her Deadly 7 is a sadistic crew guilty of more terror than meets the eye.  Each of the monsters represent one of the seven deadly sins and make terrifying surprise appearances throughout the park each night.

IMG_1321 IMG_1325 IMG_1334 IMG_1333 IMG_1329 IMG_1336 IMG_1338 (1) IMG_1338

I must say Im excited to be visiting The Fog every week, The new Mazes and the deadly 7 sound creepy! Can’t wait less than 4 weeks to go, get yourself a Knott’s Scary Farm Season Pass so you can go every night!

We had the chance to get a few interviews from maze designers and park staff! Video will be up soon so keep a sharp eye 😉

Thanks for reading!

Tim D.

IMG_1362 IMG_1359 IMG_1365 IMG_1366  IMG_1353 IMG_1352 IMG_1375 IMG_1380 IMG_6546 IMG_6548


Exciting News Ghostrider Fans!!!!!


In 2016, Knott’s Berry Farm’s Ghost Town will celebrate 75 years of creating lasting memories for countless generations. In preparation for Ghost Town’s Anniversary Celebration, GhostRider, the longest, tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast, will close on September 8 for a comprehensive restoration.

The massive coaster features plunging drops, harrowing turns, and 4,533 ft. of wooden track. Hitting speeds of over 50 miles per hour, and looming 118 ft. over the historic Ghost Town, GhostRider even races outside of the Park, towering over Beach Boulevard. Screamin’ Swing will permanently close on September 8 in preparation for Ghost Town’s 75th anniversary celebration in 2016.

In November, Knott’s will share more plans about how the park will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ghost Town. #ghosttown75

IMG_0870 1374342_689695614415504_244553947_n IMG_0876IMG_3106

Knott’s Scary Farm Build Update 8-17-15

This week a lot more is going on!!!! We are 6 Weeks away from opening night which is Sept.24th! Be sure to check out the season Pass preview event Aug. 26th! The 3rd annual Scary Farm preview that brings together eager fans wanting to know what’s going to be lurking in The Fog.

Not completely sure what this new maze is, but we will find out soon! Work is being done on the back side!


The Gunslingers Grave:

More of the town has been put up, you can’t see much but as soon as they close the train, the rest will be completed.

IMG_0923 IMG_0924


Black Magic:

The facade is looking great, also the back of the maze looks different so maybe they  will chang it up a little, 6 weeks to go!

IMG_0928 IMG_0930 IMG_0915 IMG_0932 IMG_0931

Pinocchio Unstrung: Assuming 😉

Most of the work is commencing inside the wilderness dance hall, but you can see  some wood in the back!


That’s it for this week! Soon the pass holder preview will tell us all what’s rolling in with The Fog this season. Also Knott’s Scary Farm Passes are now available, get yours online then redeem at Season Pass Processing Center!


Thanks for reading and supporting Knott’s Network! 😉 😉

Timothy D. 😉

Fright Fest at The Making Monsters Panel, ScareLA

At ScareLA I got to see “The Making Monsters Panel” which included Directors from 4 Major So-Cal Haunt attractions, hosted by Rick West.



I’m only going to talk about Fright Fest, Fright Fest is one of my favorites! I love it for many different reasons; they turn off a lot of the Roller Coaster lights which makes it very dark and creepy just the way I like it, also with all the fog it makes it even better! Additionally, unlike most major haunted attractions, they only let in a few guest at a time though the maze, making it not seem like walking through a line in the maze and getting better scares! At the panel Art Director, Mark Wing, talked about some of process of Fright Fest. He also talked about a new type of Scare Zone that will incorporate the same tech they use for “Holiday In The Park”, which is not a bad idea since it did take them some time to set up last year! Lots of other new exciting things, new shows and a new scare zone near twisted colossus! Sounds like it will be an exciting season, I can’t wait to check it out! “The Fright Zone” aka Mary Imagination will be there along with me and its also her first time. 🙂

More info here at

Like The Fright Zone Page


IMG_0189 IMG_0192 IMG_0190 IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0188 IMG_0191 IMG_0198

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Panel at ScareLA 2015

Dark Harbor Panel Sunday Aug. 8th at ScareLA


During my weekend at ScareLA I had the chance to check out Dark Harbor and see what they are up too this season! Last year I visited for the first time and I loved it, This year I plan on going at least twice! The Panel included senior events entertainment manager  Charity Hill, Executive talent director David Wally, creative director JJ Wickham, and The Ringmaster!!!!! She’s soooo funny love her!

The Mazes


Returning this season are CIRCUS, DEADRISE, SOULMATE, B340, And VOODOO VILLAGE

IMG_0471 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0468

New Stuff

Ring around the rosey, a pocket full of nightmares. The new Lullaby maze takes the visitor on a spine tingling trip through the story of little Scary Mary. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, Mary’s looking for playmates to join her on the other side of hell. Will you succumb to the youngster’s pranks and tricks, or will you escape with your soul intact?

IMG_0476 (1) IMG_0428


Don’t be afraid to peek behind the curtain. Our all new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities gives you a glimpse into the secretive world of our side show circus performers. Enjoy a cocktail and take in a performance by one of our oddities as they put their highly unusual talents on display for your enjoyment.


Also a new Paintball experience, sounds like fun!

IMG_0504 IMG_0501

More info on Dark Harbors event go to

Watch the full panel here!

IMG_0519 IMG_0518 IMG_0517 IMG_0516 IMG_0515 IMG_0514 IMG_0513 IMG_0511 IMG_0508 IMG_0507 IMG_0475 IMG_0452 IMG_0451 IMG_0445