Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Panel at ScareLA 2015

Dark Harbor Panel Sunday Aug. 8th at ScareLA


During my weekend at ScareLA I had the chance to check out Dark Harbor and see what they are up too this season! Last year I visited for the first time and I loved it, This year I plan on going at least twice! The Panel included senior events entertainment manager  Charity Hill, Executive talent director David Wally, creative director JJ Wickham, and The Ringmaster!!!!! She’s soooo funny love her!

The Mazes


Returning this season are CIRCUS, DEADRISE, SOULMATE, B340, And VOODOO VILLAGE

IMG_0471 IMG_0469 IMG_0470 IMG_0468

New Stuff

Ring around the rosey, a pocket full of nightmares. The new Lullaby maze takes the visitor on a spine tingling trip through the story of little Scary Mary. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, Mary’s looking for playmates to join her on the other side of hell. Will you succumb to the youngster’s pranks and tricks, or will you escape with your soul intact?

IMG_0476 (1) IMG_0428


Don’t be afraid to peek behind the curtain. Our all new Side Show of Freaks and Oddities gives you a glimpse into the secretive world of our side show circus performers. Enjoy a cocktail and take in a performance by one of our oddities as they put their highly unusual talents on display for your enjoyment.


Also a new Paintball experience, sounds like fun!

IMG_0504 IMG_0501

More info on Dark Harbors event go to http://www.queenmary.com/events/dark-harbor/

Watch the full panel here!

IMG_0519 IMG_0518 IMG_0517 IMG_0516 IMG_0515 IMG_0514 IMG_0513 IMG_0511 IMG_0508 IMG_0507 IMG_0475 IMG_0452 IMG_0451 IMG_0445

One thought on “Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Panel at ScareLA 2015

  1. First I would Love to give a shout out to Knott’s Network​ for sharing this great post with pics on the up coming Horrors that will be in store for us at the Queen Marys Dark Harbor​.. We are so fortunate to live in so Ca and to be able to experience the MANY wonderful Haunts and their monsters who will bring to light of what FEAR Is ..
    .Hope we will see you all out there in the DARK!! Thank you again Knott’s Network
    Mary Imagination The Fright Zone


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