Fright Fest at The Making Monsters Panel, ScareLA

At ScareLA I got to see “The Making Monsters Panel” which included Directors from 4 Major So-Cal Haunt attractions, hosted by Rick West.



I’m only going to talk about Fright Fest, Fright Fest is one of my favorites! I love it for many different reasons; they turn off a lot of the Roller Coaster lights which makes it very dark and creepy just the way I like it, also with all the fog it makes it even better! Additionally, unlike most major haunted attractions, they only let in a few guest at a time though the maze, making it not seem like walking through a line in the maze and getting better scares! At the panel Art Director, Mark Wing, talked about some of process of Fright Fest. He also talked about a new type of Scare Zone that will incorporate the same tech they use for “Holiday In The Park”, which is not a bad idea since it did take them some time to set up last year! Lots of other new exciting things, new shows and a new scare zone near twisted colossus! Sounds like it will be an exciting season, I can’t wait to check it out! “The Fright Zone” aka Mary Imagination will be there along with me and its also her first time. 🙂

More info here at

Like The Fright Zone Page


IMG_0189 IMG_0192 IMG_0190 IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0188 IMG_0191 IMG_0198

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