Knott’s Scary Farm Build Update 9-9-15

School is back in session, crowds are much lighter now. We now are starting to see Scary Farm deco though out Ghost Town. This year there are a lot of pumpkins, Im assuming that will also tie into the new Knott’s Spooky Farm (Weekend Daytime Halloween Fun) in Oct.

IMG_1474 IMG_1476 IMG_1479 IMG_1481 IMG_1490 IMG_1491

The Hanging! The stage is moving along nicely, seems bigger than normal on the right 🙂

IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1488

Gunslinger Grave continues to grow.

IMG_1516 IMG_1517

Pinocchio has all the outside walls up, and props are going in!

IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1500

Infected, this is the only thing I saw so far, lighting truss 😉


The Mine Ride, It was so hot today I really didn’t want to ride all the rides but Im told stuff is starting to go in!


Parnormal INC. The back end of the maze is all covered up!

IMG_1448 IMG_1523

That’s it for this week! just two weeks to go :)))))) I will be at West Coast Bash all weekend long with Theme Park Review at Knott’s and Magic Mountain see you there maybe 😉

Timothy D.

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