Knott’s Scary Farm Opening Night 2015 Review!

Knott’s Scary Farm Opening Night 2015

IMG_25210000 IMG_30740000 Opening night is always fun and exciting at Knott’s Scary Farm; the event that Fans, Haunters, and the creative team behind Scary Farm look forward to all year long! This year The Fright Zone and I did what we could with what time we had, no worries we both have passes and will be back soon enough! So we will cover what we got to see on opening night, so be sure to look out for future reviews.

IMG_25180000 IMG_25870000

We got in 30 mins late so we missed the opening ceremony, one thing I noticed right away that it was not as crazy crowed like last year’s opening nights, I thought with maybe Ghostrider being under refurb that would not help with crowd control but we all know where everyone was at… Infected and Paranormal INC. Sadly we didn’t get to Infected opening night, sorry Jon we will soon 😉 However, let’s just start with Paranormal INC., because OMG!


Paranormal INC.

IMG_80480000 IMG_26730000

This has got to be the maze of the year for me, even Mary (AKA: The Fright Zone) thought so too. One of the things that I love most was it had a pre-show with back story and it was full of surprises!

The sets are amazing, the effects are superb, lighting, sound and everything is just OMG! I’ve never seen anything like it, plus the backstory was so cool, so I’m not going to spoil much 😉 But you need to make this one on your must do list while at Scary Farm, get yourself a Fright Lane so you can go over and over and not miss a THING! It’s so amazing I was smiling so much I cried! 😉 The scares were on point classic Haunted House style, which is what I love! Exclent work to Jon Cook, the cast and the team behind the production! You are all Amazing!!!!

IMG_26700000 IMG_26600000


My Bloody Clementine

IMG_26230000 IMG_30540000

The mine ride this year has a Haunt overlay with live Monsters since Invasion Below from 2011!

It was nice to see the mine ride with monsters in it again, last year the Mine Ride went under major refurbishment; this made it even better for haunt overlays with a new sound system and new lighting! I know some were worried about Knott’s putting monsters in the mine ride again after the major work done, but, from what it looks like monsters are only near emergency exits and have harnesses on them to protect them from falling onto the tracks! Our first run through was not so good, we got stopped halfway through, but got to try it again! It’s nice,dark and foggy inside; some things you could not see so well, maybe just first night kinks, but never the less it’s a great atddishion to scary farm this season! It reminds me of classic Knott’s Scary Farm (1990s) lets hope maybe they could do something like this on the log ride, simple yet effective! All in all we loved it, great work Daniel and the team! By the way… we were stuck on the mine ride for a total of  30 min. therefore taking up time that we could’ve used to go see The Hanging, other mazes and Infected.

IMG_30530000 IMG_25990000

The Dead of Winter

IMG_30670000 IMG_30580000

This maze was cool, we did got to try out the Key Room and it was full of jump scares! The sets looked great, the space was used very well, they are not using the whole Boardwalk ballroom because they are using the right side for Knott’s Spooky Farm! It was cool to see frozen bodies in the floor, reminds me of a few old mazes from the Halloween Haunt days. Let’s not forget how nice and cold it is in there, it’s the coldest maze at Scary Farm! It’s very White and Bright in there but that doesn’t mean its not scary 😉 Don’t be fooled thinking your safe in the Snow 😉 Great to see another maze by Gus, nice work everyone! By the way, Gus, Mary LOVED the spiders and the Snow Queen 3:)

IMG_30570000 IMG_30660000 IMG_80370000

Voodoo: Order of The Serpent


The key room is all new so go check it out, we missed it so next time 😉

Voodoo last year was one of my favorites with jump scares, choose your own adventure and the amazing New Orleans Voodoo theme.

This year a lot has changed, instead of choose your own adventure, it’s just a flow through.

The maze had lots of classic jump scares that most haunted attractions don’t do anymore. The ending is extended and makes more sense now! It’s a great maze, I’m glad they changed it up and made it a lot longer! Great work Jon and the team! Mary still Thinks you are an awesome designer. 😉 *Mary told me to write this and to add the winky face with it* LOL!

Trick or Treat

IMG_26520000 IMG_26490000

This maze has been here since 2012, but it got a much needed make over to renovate it and making it longer! Funny part about the night was this maze scared us the most, we jumped multiple times and it started before we walked into the door hahaha, the monsters were on point! They came at us left and right making us jump! Be sure to go check out the Green Witch’s house! Great Job Team!

Pinocchio Unstrung


This maze was one of my favs last year so we gave it a go again. We tried the Key Room, it was funny and scary! The only thing that sucks about the key rooms is you can’t always hear the talent talking; maybe a mic and sound system for the key rooms wouldn’t be a bad idea in the future. I liked how they were miked up in Paranormal INC.

Not too much has changed about Pinnochio, but the monsters are always full of energy! Looks like the cricket at the end got more scary, Mary absolutely loves that Cricket 😉 Great job team! 🙂 See you again soon!

Elvira’s Asylum

IMG_30180000 IMG_30380000

I wasn’t too thrilled about Elvira’s show last season. :/ But WE LOVED this one; the dancing  and acrobatics are amazing, the costumes are perfect and the sets are perfect! The show is funny with lots of boob jokes 😉 Great job to the crew and team behind the show we will definitely be back to see Elvira’s Asylum! Mary would like to add that she absolutely loved the show except the music to the arial preference of the Nympho inmate with the ear driving dubstep.

Knott’s Hotel Pre-Scare Dinner

IMG_8019 IMG_8020

We had dinner at the Hotel before we went to Scary Farm, it’s creepily decorated, dark, with spooky background music, and monsters lurking around. Plus the food is good, it’s Knott’s so of course the food is great. All you can eat buffet for $24.99 each, you also get early entry to Knott’s Scary Farm! Mary would like to add that she loves this experience and it  is soooooooo Delicious and wonderfully spooky; she loves how the monsters are there to interact with the guests. She would also like to add that it is important to go to Scary Farm with a full stomach so you have the energy to be chased by the Street Monsters around the park without being in a bad mood of being hungry.

IMG_8029 IMG_8028 IMG_24660000 IMG_24640000 IMG_24770000 IMG_24820000

That’s all we got to cover this visit! I would like to add that we did get a chance to see “The Deadly Seven” lurk around the scare zones! They are a creepy addition this year; at first I didn’t know what to think about them but once you see them lurking around the fog… it’s creepy 😉 We will be back to cover anything we missed and the Scare Zones mainly so keep an EYE out and thanks for reading! Also, Thank you to all the MONSTERS, Talent, Designers and all the people who brought this amazing event LIFE! 3:)

IMG_26800000 IMG_30440000 IMG_30430000 IMG_31130000

Thanks for reading and please share!

Timothy Dennison (Knott’s Network)

Thanks Mary Imagination for editing this article.

Be sure to Check out The Fright Zone’s video on opening night (partner in Crime) 😉

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