Ghost Town 75th Update!

Knott’s Berry Farm Announces Opening Dates for Ghost Town’s 75thAnniversary, GhostRider, Ghost Town Alive!, and Starbucks!

Knott’s Berry Farm announced today that its celebration of the 75thanniversary of the historic old west Ghost Townwill run May 27 through September 5. To mark 75 years of Ghost Town, Knott’s will reopen GhostRider, the longest, tallest, and fastest wooden roller coaster on the West Coast on May 27 following a complete restoration. As part of the summer 2016 celebration, Knott’s will alsointroduce a new interactive entertainment experience called Ghost Town Alive!. Ghost Town Alive!allows guests to play an active role in shaping what happens throughout the town everyday through September 5.Knott’s also announced that its first Starbucks will open on March 18in the California MarketPlace, just outside the Park’s main entrance, and will offer Starbuck’s world class coffee drinks and entrees.Adjacent to Starbucks is Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, which is currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation and will open in spring 2016.

This morning we had a chance to check out what they have been up to, and a few insights on “Ghost Town Alive” as well as a look at Chicken Dinner Restaurant.



Jason talks about the opening dates:

Ghostrider and “Ghost Town Alive” – May 27th

Starbucks – March 18th

Calico Saloon – Boysenberry Festival

Chicken Dinner Restaurant – Spring Time

Calico Stage with new summer show – Summer Time


Afterward we got to tour a few areas they have been working on.

IMG_0559Our first guide was Lara Hannerman, (Creative Director), she guided us through Ghost Town main street to tell us about “Ghost Town Alive.” First stop was Wagon Camp Theater, an all new stage is being built with updated safety for the performers and a new show is coming, no details on that… don’t want to spoil everything 😉 All those classic peek-ins will have real life characters, some of them you will even be able to go inside! The Shootin Gallery will be redone and themed, I have a feeling it’s going to look like the old one but a little smaller! Miss Doolittles will turn into a Textiles store, Miss Goldies you will be able to go inside and see who rules the town this summer! The Toy Barn will have real life Horses inside, and at the post office you will be able to send out real mail! Ghost Town really is going to be alive this Summer! Making our way to School House Road, The Old Haunt Museum will turn into The City Hall where you can meet the mayor and his wife! The pan for gold will go back to its original location, Turquoise Jewelry will turn into a Bank, they will be relocated to another sight in the park!

Then we got handed off to Jeff Shadic (Manager,Park Deco)


He showed us inside Calico Saloon, a lot of y’all will be happy with these upgrades.

New sound system, stage lighting, general lighting, A/C, Beer on tap, new furniture and so much more …the details are great, we can’t wait to check it out soon. It will be opening back up Spring time with an all new show!

Then off to the new Calico Stage area! The stage will face towards the water tower at the rail station, to keep that feel that you’re in Ghost Town still.New tech building will go to the left of the calico mine ride (far left) and it will be themed to match the mine ride!

also all the back stage ares are new and modernised for the performers and techs! The left of the backstage area buildings will be themed to match Ghost Town! New show will be coming this summer. The old Calico Stage will turn into a park, seating area, etc, we will see more on that later when they start working on it, not till after spring break!

Also, they are replacing a lot of the roofs around Ghost Town!

Next we meet up with Russ Knibbs, ( Vice President,Food and Beverage) over at Chicken IMG_0601Dinner Restaurant. I love this guy, he’s done some amazing stuff at Knott’s with the food, he came along with park General Manager Ralfi from Canada’s Wonderland! I remember what the food was like before they came and put it this way I went to Del Taco all the time after my knott’s updates.

We are looking forward to the refurbished Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, they finally created an alternative to having to wait in those long lines, they will get your number and text you when you are ready to be seated, now you can walk around the market place and shop, maybe even go in the park depending how long the wait is. The new outdoor seating area will be a nice place to eat on a summer night! One of the most major upgrades is a full service bar area! The seating capacity is about the same as before, the deco will not be modernized , keeping it to the classic theme! Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant will re-open this Spring!


Now off to Jeff Gahagan, (Vice President, Maintenance) to talk about Ghostrider :)))


As most of us know, they are re-tracking, new trains, as well as re-profiling some of the layout. The midway break run has been removed, so instead of slowing down you will go straight through it. After that mid break course drop the re-profiled that crazy turn right after to make it more smooth but still intense, if you have been on Gold Rusher at Califorina’s Great America you’ll know whats in store. New trains will be from Great Coasters Internatioal, old trains are going to Valleyfair. All kinds of general maintence is being done throughout the coaster, new motors for the lift hill chain, new lights around the track and much more! Ghostrider will re-open May 27th along with the rest of Ghost Town 75th anniversary!

That ended the tour there, after that we visited the park to see what other updates we could spot!



Our next report will be on the food at this coming Boysenberry Festival!

Thank you for reading be sure to share

Knott’s Network!

Tim & Mary 😉


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