Knott’s Scary Farm Opening Weekend Review and Tips! 2016

Knott’s Scary Farm is finally here, we spent the first 3 nights taking it all in. We’re going to talk about tips, new mazes, experiences and more!


We have spent the whole weekend at the Knott’s Hotel, which was refurbished little over a year ago and it’s the best way to enjoy opening weekend or any night of Scary Farm! They have Scary Farm hotel packages that can gets you a T-Shirt, Fright Lane, Fast Lane, Pre-Scare Dinner at the Hotel, and tickets to the event! The Pre-Scare Dinner is a great way to start the night, you get to visit with the monsters that will end up scaring you later on in the night 😉 Also, you get to take photos with them, and you get into Scary Farm 30 mins early! We recommend going to the backstage mazes first, or whichever maze you would like to go to first. Right now, Shadowlands and Infected are the most popular, Paranormal INC.  still brings in a crowd.



Pass Holders can also get discounts for the Scary Farm Hotel Packages visit for all the info and reservations.


Tip on the Skeleton Key rooms: We recommend visiting those first, they can get crowed on busy nights and the rooms take time to reset. The rest of the mazes will not be a problem since you have “Fright Lane”.


Tip for guests not using Fright Lane: Right now Infected and Shadowlands are the most popular we recommend checking those out first. They are AMAZING!!!


Tip for Guests that want to ride the new Ghostrider: The line can get pretty long, lots of people that visit Scary Farm only go to it during Scary Farm. So, try to hit it up at the end of the night because the ride still operates past closing for the remaining line that is there before they rope off the line at closing.




An upcharge virtual reality experience, Mary and I got a change to check it out the night before opening Scary Farm. I was scared lol I don’t like Hospitals very much and…. I don’t want to give out too much but I would defiantly try it out. Its located in Boardwalk (CarnEvil) at The Ballroom near the Log Ride, they have a both set up across from it, its first come first serve so if you want to do this and you don’t have Fright Lanes get to this first





Hello…. This is Mary putting in my two cents on my favorite new maze of 2016! For many years I have always wanted to see Geishas be incorporated with anything horror… I LOVE Japanese art, culture, history, and above all sushi… mmmmmmmm. LOL, but seriously, this maze is amazing! It does the Japanese horror folklore justice and it is so damn beautiful and rich with detail. There is so many innovative scares, use of technology and the cast is on point! I also love the preshow! It is a beautiful death on the battlefield 3:) You should get yourself over there first thing in the evening because the line gets crazy!! This is a NOT TO MISS attraction at Knott’s Scary Farm! Props to Jon Cooke and his team for putting together this fantastic maze!





This season of Infected is now a walk through maze and it is amazing, OMG!!! I’ve been a fan of Infected since year one and this is amazingly put together, the details are great, the soundtrack is great and lighting… it’s all wow. It’s full of Easter eggs and scary surprises, we got a sneak peek at it the other night but there were no monsters inside and we have yet to see it with the monsters, but we will soon and I’m sure it’s even more amazing. Props to Jon Cooke and the Team involved. Ya’ll are Amazing J Tim.


The Red Barn


Really enjoyed this one, reminded me of Slaughter House J I like the idea of Hill Billy Red Neck Cannibals very scary plus the maze was done at The Wilderness Dance Hall which already looks like a red barn… also when your inside if you look up, it still looks like a barn 😉 We love the twisted minds of Daniel and Gus.



P.S. from Mary….. Fog Rainbows 😉


We will continue to give you tips during Scary Farm and our weekend Video will be up soon.

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